Professor Anne  Mills

Professor Anne Mills Ph.D.

2009 in Medicine

Professor Anne Mills is a world leader in the development and application of economic tools to improve policy-making and practice of healthcare systems. Her work has influenced major health policies, both at national and international levels, by demonstrating that “proper investments in medicine and public health will have a major impact on economic growth and social equality”.
Professor Mills has also played a major role in strengthening the capability of developing countries in Africa and Asia, in health economics, health system research and healthcare policy development. She has supervised a new generation of health economists and policy makers who have are played significant roles in several countries, including Thailand. This has helped spread the concept of health economics around the world.
Her work has made public healthcare a major issue in the global policy agenda and resulted in a four-fold increase in public healthcare investment over the past two decades. By directing healthcare resources to cost-effective interventions, the mortality rate of children and poor people in Africa and Asia has been reduced significantly, benefiting the health conditions of billions of lives in developing countries.