Nomination Procedures

  1. An individual or group of individuals or an institution may be nominated by national medical or health authorities or by an individual or group of individuals in a nongovernmental capacity, as candidates for the Award. Nominations are transmitted to the secretary-general of the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation.
  2. The nomination forms, which can be submitted either online or by mail, are forwarded to the panel of Scientific Advisory Committee for initial screening.
  3. The nomination forms, which have been screened by Scientific Advisors, are then forwarded to the International Award Committee, which comprises several world-renowned experts in the fields of medicine and public health, who will consider them and make recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.
  4. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees makes final approval.

Timeline of nomination

  • The application period begins on February 1 of each year.
  • Nomination forms shall be submitted to the secretary-general of the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation by May 31 of each year.
  • The names of the laureates shall be announced in late November – early December each year.
  • The Award ceremony shall be held in January of the following year.

For the exact schedule of each year, please refer to the announcements in the News section of this website.

Nomination Submission

Please submit on Nomination Submission Form.