Award Criteria

The Prince Mahidol Award Criteria

Criteria for the Medicine prize

The Medicine Prize is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated significant contributions and leadership in the field of medicine over an extended period. To qualify for consideration, candidates must meet the following criteria :

  1. Leadership :Candidates must have shown exemplary leadership and professionalism in advancing the understanding or application of processes for disease prevention or treatment in medicine.
  2. Breakthrough discovery :Candidates must have made outstanding research moving the frontiers of knowledge. That knowledge should lead to new medicines, devices, or novel disease treatments that are pathbreaking. Their works should demonstrate notable impacts in addressing specific health challenges globally. This includes :
  • Discovering or inventing new principles, processes, or devices with substantial benefits.
  • Developing and enhancing methods or procedures, or making other significant contributions.
  1. Continued Contribution :Candidates should have sustained efforts over time in improving health through research.

In addition to professional achievements, candidates must exhibit high personal conduct and adhere to professional ethics at or above the level of international standard.

Criteria for the Public Health Prize

“An award for original, creative, evidence-based solutions for population health problems, or for outstanding innovation, leadership, and achievement in advancing population health, which result in significant and sustained impact on population health and well-being, and promote equity and social justice”.